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Invasive species management on Islands

Updated: Mar 30

Image: Rosie Hohnen

Contract Researcher

Kangaroo Island Landscape Board, Christmas Island National Parks, Lord Howe Island Board


Globally, many island species are threatened due to the impacts of invasive feral cats (Felis catus) and rats (Rattus rattus). In Australia, a number of cat and rat eradication projects are underway to conserve threatened species on islands. I worked with local teams to support a series of offshore island invasive species eradication projects, through designing more effective monitoring methods and testing cat control techniques. I worked for the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board testing the efficacy of a feral cat bait 'Curiosity' as a control method for the invasive feral cat population, using camera trapping and GPS collaring techniques. I worked on for Christmas Island National Parks, refining their camera trapping techniques to increase cat detection probability in different habitat types. I also worked with the Lord Howe Island Board supporting the design a of a camera trapping array, involving AI image processing, to monitor rat incisions from boats, post-rat eradication on the island.

Images: Rosie Hohnen

From L-R: Cockatoos in the firescar on western Kangaroo Island, a GPS collared feral cat, and a Lord Howe Island woodhen (Gallirallus sylvestris).

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