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Generally, I hope to contribute in a meaningful way to the conservation of biodiversity in this rapidly changing world. I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with Wilfrid Laurier University and the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. We are investigating how federal and provincial conservation strategies that are focused on caribou, impact wolverines. Most people call me Rosie, and only resort to Rosemary if I've done something very silly.

I have a varied research and project management background. I received my PhD from the University of Tasmania, Australia, on a project looking at the drivers of small mammal declines across subtropical northern Australia. I then worked on a project for the Australian Threatened Species Recovery Hub, investigating how best to conserve the Critically Endangered, Kangaroo Island dunnart. Research produced from this project was pivotal in supporting the species recovery after the 2019-2020 ‘black summer’ megafires which burnt over 95% of the species known range. More recently I have managed large federally funded invasive species and wildlife conservation projects for the Tasmanian State Government and Natural Resource Management Boards.

I’m a keen tea drinker, climber, hiker, and art dabbler. My favorite thing is to be in the mountains with friends.

A full CV can be found below.

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